Photo Name Title Group Email Phone Web site
Ackley, Lisa Ackley, Lisa 3rd grade Prairie View Email 920-885-7380 x4317 Web site
Adamson, Kathleen Adamson, Kathleen 6th grade Middle School Email 920-885-7365 x3302 Web site
Allar, Pallin Allar, Pallin Teacher Assistant-Special Education Prairie View Email 920-885-7380 Web site
Allen, Mitchell Allen, Mitchell Mathematics High School Email 920-885-7313 x2932 Web site
Allermann, Erica Allermann, Erica Cross categorical Middle School Email 920-885-7365 x3111 Web site
Alvarado, Samantha Alvarado, Samantha Speech & Language Pathology Lincoln, Lincoln Elementary Student Services Email 920-885-7396 x4212 Web site
Alvin, Eric Alvin, Eric Network Administrator ESC, Information Technology Email 920-885-7300 x1202 Web site
Alvin, Renee Alvin, Renee Teacher assistant Prairie View Email 920-885-7380 x4360
Ambrosius, Anne Ambrosius, Anne Kindergarten Washington Email 920-885-7376 x4429 Web site
Amport, Lisa Amport, Lisa Teacher Assistant-Special Education High School Email 920-885-7313 x2342
Armentrout, Michele Armentrout, Michele Associate Principal Middle School Email 920-885-7365 x3109 Web site
Armon, Brittany Armon, Brittany 4th grade Jefferson Email 920-885-7392 x4127 Web site
Aschebrook, Melissa Aschebrook, Melissa Music Lincoln, South Beaver Dam, Washington Email 920-885-7392 x4132 Web site
Ascherien, Michelle Ascherien, Michelle Maintenance Secretary ESC Email 920-885-7300, x1129 Web site
Austreng, Danielle Austreng, Danielle 5th grade Prairie View Email 920-885-7380 x4350 Web site
Avila, Erica Avila, Erica ELL coordinator ESC, ESC Student Services, Student Services Email 920-885-7300 x1133
Bader, Andrea Bader, Andrea 1st grade Lincoln Email 920-885-7396 x4222 Web site
Barnes, Traci Barnes, Traci Alternative education Don Smith Learning Academy Email 920-885-7423 x1302 Web site
Barstow, Holly Barstow, Holly Teaching Assistant - Special Education Lincoln Email 920-885-7396
Bartlett, Michelle Bartlett, Michelle Teacher Assistant-Special Education Middle School Email 920-885-7365 Web site
Bartruff, Lori Bartruff, Lori Library aide Washington Email 920-885-7376 x4419 Web site
Bates, Crystal Bates, Crystal Principal Lincoln Email 920-885-7396 x4201
Battenberg, Deborah Battenberg, Deborah Instrumental music Middle School Email 920-885-7365 x2215 Web site
Baumeister, Taylor Baumeister, Taylor English High School, High School English Email 920-885-7313 x2359 Web site
Beal-Loeck, Bev Beal-Loeck, Bev Board of Education President Board of Education Email 920-887-0682 Web site
Becker, Sarah Becker, Sarah School counselor Elementary Counselors, Prairie View, Prairie View Elementary Student Services, School Counselors Email 920-885-7396 x4546 Web site
Bednarek, Pamela Bednarek, Pamela Nutrition services Middle School Email 920-885-7365
Behling, George Behling, George Custodian High School Email 920-885-7313 x2141
Belter, Nancy Belter, Nancy Teacher Assistant-Special Education Prairie View Email 920-885-7380
Beske, Karen Beske, Karen Teacher Assistant-Child Care Don Smith Learning Academy Email 920-885-7423 x1303
Biel, Susan Biel, Susan Teacher Assistant-Special Education Wilson Email 920-885-7373 x4533
Bille, Sara Bille, Sara Kindergarten Prairie View Email 920-885-7380 x4715 Web site
Bindl, Sarah Bindl, Sarah Mathematics Middle School Email 920-885-7365 x3307 Web site
Binsfeld, Joanna Binsfeld, Joanna Tutor High School Email 920-885-7313 Web site
Black, Bridgette Black, Bridgette Cross Categorical Middle School Email 920-885-7365 x3309 Web site
Bobholz, Megan Bobholz, Megan Child care assistant Don Smith Learning Academy Email 920-885-7423 Web site
Boettcher, Alexander Boettcher, Alexander Science High School Email 920-885-7313 x2165 Web site
Bohl, Alison Bohl, Alison 5th grade Wilson Email 920-885-7373 x4420 Web site
Bohn, Gerryanne Bohn, Gerryanne Cross categorical Prairie View Email 920-885-7380 x4343 Web site
Bohnert, Tiffany Bohnert, Tiffany Speech & language pathology Prairie View Email 920-885-7380 x4340 Web site