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Welcome to the Technology Services Homepage. We have developed this page for staff and community to provide access to rich technology resources, news, tools and more.

Weekly Tech Tip

11/28/2016: 40+ Google Doc Tips
12/05/16: 100 Greatest Google Doc Tips
12/12/2016: Tammy's Tech Tips for Teachers
12/19/2016: Interactive quiz, review, vocabulary, survey, etc
1/2/2017: 10 Great Google Docs Add-Ons!
1/09/2017: 10 Ways to use Google Forms in the Classroom
1/16/2017: How to Use Google "Explore" Tool
1/23/2017: Leverage Your Learning Using Your YouTube Channel - Google Slides
2/6/2017: Elementary Coding Site
2/13/2017: Desktop Publishing from Google Slides
2/20/2017: Create Your Classflow Account
2/20/2017: Convert Smart Files to Classflow
2/20/2017: Classflow individualizing instruction

Digital Citizenship Parent Night at Middle School

Why do we need technology in the classroom?

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