Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan:  2014-2018

Core Strategies

The following four core strategies organize our continuous improvement work at the district and at the school level.  We will focus on key performance objectives each year within these core strategies in order to meet our mission and vision for student learning.  Yearly key performance objectives and 90 day perfromance reports are located to the right.

  Student Growth and Achievement

  • Improve growth and achievement for each student, each year through personalized learning, continual data reflection, fluid delivery of services/supports, and leadership development.

  Staff Effectiveness and Development

  • Support all staff in attaining levels of professional effectiveness through an investment in measurable staff development and expanded opportunities for leadership.

  Facilities and Operations

  • Analyze facilities and operations to address needs with an eye to the future.

  District and Community Engagement

  • Improve collaboration, strengthen relationships, and build partnerships among all, whether internal or external to the school district.
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