World Languages
World Languages

World Language courses provide students with opportunities to develop oral and written communication skills, to explore other cultures and ways of thinking and to acquire skills for future career options.  Students involved in a program of study in World Languages at BDHS will learn to read, speak, write and understand both cultural and linguistic concepts in their chosen language(s) of study.  Students at BDHS have the opportunity to study either the Spanish or German language with the opportunity to earn college credit through advanced placement courses.  In addition, students demonstrating a comittment to their world language studies have the opportunity to travel international to practice their skills and experiene other cultures.


Ms. Oriel Combs (German)

Ms. Christal Davidson (Spanish)

Ms. Ellen Hanson (Spanish)

Mr. Francois Musonera (Spanish)

Ms. Jennifer Tunks (German)  

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  • 500 Gould Street Beaver Dam, WI 53916
  • Phone: 920-885-7313