School Counseling
School Counseling

Our School Counselors follow the Model Academic Standards for the Comprehensive School Counseling Model.

They provide students with services in the classroom, in small groups, or individually.

The focus of the school counselors are:


Counselors assess abilities, guide teachers in placing students in the instructional program, provide support, and counsel students about their goals and plans in life.  School counselors will work with teachers and parents to promote lifelong learning.


Inroduce the students to the world of work, help them examine their career interests and make decisions about their educational plans that align with these interests.  Career development includes choices such as: preparing to enter the job market, enrolling in a technical college, or attending a four-year college after graduation.


Help students learn who they are, explore similarities they share with others, discuss differences that make them unique, and work to help students grow as human beings.


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  • Phone: 920-885-7365