Academic and Career Portfolio
Academic and Career Portfolio

In the competitive world of today and tomorrow, students need to be sure they take advantage of every educational opportunity available. The Beaver Dam High School Academic and Career Portfolio is one tool that can help set our students apart from others. Many employers would welcome the opportunity to have a potential employee present their portfolio at a job interview. Technical colleges require a portfolio upon completion of most programs. Four year colleges are now requiring portfolios for some majors as an admission requirement and one on completion of most majors.

An Academic and Career Portfolio is a documented collection of a student’s progress that can include career exploration, school transcripts, resumes, awards and honors, letters of reference, work samples, certificates of completion, certificates of competencies mastered, and other indicators of actual work. A portfolio can be used to demonstrate student self-assessment, critical thinking, and self-confidence. A portfolio can also be used to certify student competence and provide evidence and samples of skills and abilities to employers or colleges. A completed Beaver Dam High School Academic and Career Portfolio is required for graduation. Students will be provided with a binder and sheet protectors for storing their portfolio documents. Each student’s Academic and Career Portfolio will be evaluated by their senior advisor to determine if the required documents are present.

The BDHS Academic and Career Portfolio requirements for grades 9, 10 and 11 are included on the next few pages. Students must complete each grade level requirement as the Academic and Career Portfolio builds from year to year. A checklist similar to the ones on the next few pages is completed each year in advisory for students to track their progress. Completion of each requirement will also be part of the student’s advisory grade. Throughout the school year, students are expected to add their best work samples with a summary form to their portfolio and complete the remaining Academic and Career Portfolio requirements as they are presented within their advisory and classes.

During their senior year, students will be expected to update certain items and add best work samples from any of the five areas (writing, math, social studies, science and elective). By the end of their senior year, they must have completed a summary form for at least one best work sample from all areas. A Class of 2011 checklist will be provided to all seniors at the start of their senior year. Students may personalize their Academic and Career Portfolios before submitting them to their senior advisor by April. The month of May will be used for completing any items that are missing. 

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