School Safety
School Safety


In light of the heightened concerns about safety of children and staff at school, we have implemented the safety measures listed below to allow us to more carefully monitor visitors.

  • Exterior doors will be locked after 8:45 every day.  There is a security monitor located at the Grove Street front entrance (E2).  When you come to the front door, push the button and identify yourself.  The office staff will then allow you to enter.
  • Visitors are required to sign-in and get a name tag at the office before continuing with their visit.  
  • Items that are being dropped off should be left in the office for staff to distribute rather than visitors taking them to classrooms.
  • If a student is leaving school early, parents are to come into the office to pick up their child.  We do not allow students to leave the building unattended.



We strive for the safe arrival of our students each day.  We need a call from parents if a student will be tardy or absent by 8:30 a.m. (885-7376).  You may call at any time to leave a voice message.  On occasions when we are not expecting a student to be late or absentand parents have not called, an automated phone call will go out to parents.   If we still are not contacted by parents the office will place a personal call to parents in an effort to make sure that the student is safe.  



Students may be dropped off and picked up on the school side of thestreet on Grove and Center streets.  We strongly urge parents not to park on Center Street or the school side of Grove Street, as it causes too much congestion with safety hazards due to double parking, etc.  Parking would be best on Liberty, Gilmore, or the opposite side of Grove Street.  PLEASE DO NOT PARK OR PICK UP STUDENTS IN THE YELLOW BUS ZONE ON GROVE STREET.



Adult crossing guards are on duty at the intersections of Gilmore and Center Streets, and Liberty and Center Streets each day at the following times:

8:00 - 8:30 A.M.

3:07 - 3:30 P.M.

The school safety patrol is made up of fifth grade girls and boys.  Safety patrol volunteers are on the job in all types ofweather and are on the alert to prevent accidents.  The student patrols are provided at the two school crossing corners on Grove Street before school and at dismissal.  Patrols are also on duty outdoors in front of school and in school hallways.

Please ask your child to give patrols respect and courtesy at all times.



The decision to allow children to ride bicycles from home to school is a decision parents must make.  We establish no rule which states when a child is competent enough to handle a bicycle ride to school.  Bicycle racks are provided for students on the corner of Center and Gilmore and also on Grove Street.  All bikes are to be parked in the racks.

If your child uses a bicycle for getting to and from school, consider these safety reminders:

  • Helmets are an important piece of equipment for safety.
  • Riders should ride in single file on the way to and from school.
  • Bicycles should be walked on the sidewalks of the school grounds.
  • Bicycles should be in good working condition.
  • Children are encouraged to lock their bicycles to avoid theft.  The school is not responsible for bikes.
  • Seats and handlebars should be properly adjusted.




  • Washington Elementary
  • 600 Grove Street Beaver Dam, WI 53916
  • Phone: 920-885-7376