Policies & Procedures
Policies & Procedures

BDMS Dress Code

Students are to be properly dressed at all times. Any clothing item or grooming habit which causes distraction resulting in disturbance and problems in the proper functioning of the school and it's goal will not be permitted. (Board Policy 5511)

To facilitate this goal, the following guidelines will be enforced at BDMS:

  1. The following clothing items are not permitted: strapless tops, low cut necklines that reveal cleavage, bare back clothing, or clothing that is inappropriately revealing.
  2. Loose chains or straps are unacceptable.
  3. Shirts and tops must touch the top of the pants/skirts/shorts when sitting and/or standing.
  4. Skirts and shorts must not reveal undergarments or buttocks when sitting, standing, or bending over. 
  5. The wearing of clothing items which promote or suggest drugs/alcohol/tobacco products, sexual innuendo, or display inappropriate language is prohibited. 
  6. State health requirements demand that shoes or sandals must be worn at all times in the school buildings. 
  7. Wearing of hats, bandanas, or other headgear is not acceptable during regular school hours. 

Cell Phone Policy

While we recognize the capabilities and conveniences of personal electronic devices/cell phones, the devices in a middle school setting present several distractions, including the use of texting and social media during teaching/learning time. Our Office secretaries accept and delivers messages from home to students within the same class period. Students needing to contact home are allowed to come to the Student Office to access a phone. 

School Board Policy 5136 governs the use of personal communication devices, and due to the access of school-provided communication between school and home, the expectation is that students keep their own devices powered off and stored in their locker during the school day (between 7:35 and 2:42). Failure to follow this policy will result in a school consequence as well as the device being taken away from the student until the end of the school day, when a parent or guardian must pick it up.

Student Drop Off and Pick Up

The loading zone, 


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