Middle School Concept
Middle School Concept

What is a Middle School?

 Every day, our school of diverse, rapidly changing 11 to 14 year-olds make critical and complex life choices and form the attitudes, values, and dispositions that will direct their behavior as adults. They deserve an education that will enhance their healthy growth as lifelong learners, ethical and democratic citizens, and increasingly competent, self-sufficient individuals who are optimistic about the future and prepared to succeed in our ever-changing world

A successful Middle School philosophy begins with a core belief.  The changes that children at this age, including physical, emotional, mental, and how they view the world, are second in life stage development only to children from birth to age three.  Our core belief is that the middle school educational system best serves the needs of our students.

The unique attributes of Middle Level children requires a school that is different in its structures from both elementary and high schools.  Beaver Dam Middle School adopts the guidelines of the publication This We Believe and the National Middle School Association.  Therefore, we strive for our educational programs to be:

Developmentally responsive: using the distinctive nature of young adolescents as the foundation upon which all decisions about school organization, policies, curriculum, instructioin, and assessment are made.

Challenging:  ensuring that every student learns and every member of the learning community is held to high expectations.

Empowering: providing all students with the knowledge and skills they need to take responsibiility for their lives, to address life's challenges, to function successfully at all levels of society, and to be creators of knowledge.

Equitable:  advocating for and ensuring every student's right to learn and providing appropriately challenging and relevant learning opportunities for every student.

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