House System
House System

The rationale behind this structure is to create a learning environment that allows students and staff to build relationships and develop a sense of community. It also allows our staff to meet on a weekly basis to discuss curriculum and instruction, student needs, and assessment to ensure our students are reaching their goals.

Our Middle School includes two houses per grade level in 6th, 7th and 8th grade.

Each house has a specific number of "core" teachers who deliver the content and our students rotate between their house teachers in the core content areas.  Students also access exploratory or elective classes throughout their school day.  The exploratory or elective classes are not organized by the house structure.  A typical student will have five core courses in their school day in a heterogeneous group of students who are in their house.  They will also take exploratory courses with random groups of students who may or may not belong to their house for three periods of their day.

The exploratory design is an integral part of the middle school concept.  The philosophy is that children at this age level have not landed on their specific specialty area of fine, performing, or technical arts.  Therefore, they explore concepts related to technology, the fine arts, and performing arts as well as physical and health education in their rotation of exploratory classes.  8th grade students select electives to specialize their learning in specific areas related to the exploratories and have more options at this point in their education.

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