Attendance Procedures
Attendance Procedures


There has been a growing concern for the safe arrival of children to school each morning. We expect a call from a parent prior to the child's absence. In the event a parent has not called, the school will call parents at home or at work or your emergency numbers.
Regular school attendance is essential for your child’s education; however, we do not expect a student who is ill to attend school. Parents are asked to report to the office any communicable diseases children contract. The school nurse will be able to tell you how long your child must remain out of school for the various diseases.
Parents should call the school (885-7396) before 8:30 a.m. An answering machine will record calls before 8:00 a.m. In place of a phone call, a written note explaining an absence could be sent with another child in the family and given to the secretary the morning of the absence. When you know your child will be absent from school for more than two days, we would appreciate advance notification.
All students shall attend school daily unless they are ill, have an important anticipated absence (funeral, medical appointment, religious observance, etc.), or have an emergency. Class work and tests missed due to absences must be made up.
Truancy is an unexcused absence for a day or part of the day. Tardies are an absence for part of the day. The principal may request the parent or legal custodian to obtain a written medical excuse. A student who is truant for part or all of five or more days out of ten consecutive days during a semester is habitually truant. When a child is habitually truant, parents will be notified and requested to meet with school personnel. Students who are habitually truant will be referred to law enforcement officers and the Department of Social Services if attendance does not improve.


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