Attendance Procedures
Attendance Procedures
Regular school attendance is essential for student achievement.  A record of attendance is required by state law and is carefully noted in a student's permanent record.  Wisconsin State Statute 118.151(a) mandates compulsory school attendance for all children until the end of the term in which they become 18 years of age or graduate.

Attendance at school is primarily the responsibility of the student and the parent.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide reasons for their child’s absence.

Parents should call school (885-7392) before 9:00 a.m.  Voicemail will record calls prior to the start of the school day.  If you leave a message, please include your child’s name, the name of your child’s teacher and why your child will be absent.  If your child will be arriving late to school, please also let us know what time your child will be arriving and which hot lunch choice s/he would like for that day.  In place of a phone call, a written note explaining an absence may be sent with another child in the family and given to the secretary prior to the absence.

Absences Excusable Under School Board Policy

The School Board, in accordance with State of Wisconsin Statute 118.15, defines acceptable reasons for which pupils may be absent (excused) by the parent (or guardian), other than illness:

Health care appointments (repetitive appointments should be scheduled at various times of the school day).

Per Wisconsin State Law, a parent/guardian may excuse their child from school for up to ten (10) days per school year.  The student must be excused in writing prior to his or her absence and the absence must be for a full school day. Examples of this type of absence include:

· illness

· funerals

· required court appearances

· programs at prospective college or university campuses

· religious observances required by church of preference

· family trip (includes hunting)

· family wedding

· driver’s license examination

Excessive excused absences are monitored with parental involvement. The school reserves the right under Wisconsin State Statute 118.15(3) to require further verification of the reason for repeated or extended absences.  In the event that a student has a significant number of absences related to illness, the school through the office of the school health supervisor will work with parents to develop a health plan for the student.  The school may request doctor’s notes at any time. If absences are due to illness or medical appointments, it is suggested that the student provide medical documentation whenever possible to be eligible for medical exemption to the state statute, attendance protocol, and school board policy requirements for student attendance.

We understand that student absences may exceed ten (10) days throughout the school year in rare circumstances. Any and all absences in excess of ten require administrative approval.  Anticipated absence forms are available in the school office. Arrangements for anticipated absences must be made at least two days prior to the anticipated absence.

A student may be excused from regular school attendance to participate in a program or curriculum modification.  A student’s parent/guardian may request, in writing, to provide the child with program or curriculum modification as provided by Wisconsin State Statute 118.15(d) and 118.15(1)(dm).

(School Board Policy 5200)



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