Facilities, Safety and Security Work Summary

The district completed a comprehensive district-wide facility study in 2011

Following the 2011 study, the district completed $10 million in facility work, including a district-wide technology network infrastructure upgrade.

      ~ $1 million science-wing remodel at the high school
      ~ $3 million addition to Prairie View Elementary School to accommodate the
         closing of Trenton Elementary School
      ~ $1 million electrical upgrade at the middle school
      ~ $3 million in roof replacements, parking lot maintenance, heating and
         cooling maintenance and upgrades at all schools, and
         miscellaneous maintenance across nine buildings
      ~ $2 million technology infrastructure upgrade including district wide open
         WIFI for students and public

The district addressed all significant facility needs as identified in the 2011 facility study, leaving only large scale mechanical and remodeling needs at the high school and safety and security needs throughout the district.

With this work completed, the district turned its attention to the needs of our high school facility and safety and security needs across the district.

2014-2015 Key-Performance Objectives:

Complete a district-wide facility safety-and-security assessment and develop recommendations to improve systems.
     ~  assessment completed, four phases of improvement recommended
     ~  three of four phases currently being implemented

Conduct an educational-needs assessment of the high school campus (building and grounds), including developing recommendations for action to the Board of Education.
     ~  Completed

2015-2016 Key-Performance Objectives:

Implement district-wide safety-and-security assessment recommendations to include emergency-response options and site-visitor check-in and facility-access systems.
     ~  phase one:     camera upgrades -- in progress
     ~  phase two:      keyless-entrance upgrades -- in progress
     ~  phase three:   additional keyless-entrance upgrades -- in progress
     ~  phase four:     entrance-remodeling needs

Identify and implement a recommendation for action resulting from the high school facility needs assessment.
     ~  reviewing the information from the 2015 needs assessment
     ~  following our community-engagement timeline

Facility and safety work will culminate with a community-wide survey in April 2016 asking for direction from our community members.

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