The School-Age Parent Program (SAPAR) provides a voluntary alternative to students who are pregnant or parenting and wish to continue their education temporarily at the Don Smith Learning Academy. Students continue to work toward graduation requirements in addition to learning about pregnancy, childbirth, child care, women's health, healthy relationships and various other topics. Referrals to the SAPAR program are made from the student's home high school once it is determined that a young woman is pregnant or already parenting and wants to continue her education. Enrollment in the SAPAR program is voluntary. Some students choose to attend the high school for core course work in the afternoon after SAPAR. A SAPAR student typically earns 2 credits during the semester that she is enrolled in the SAPAR program. The students meet from 9:00 until 12:30 daily.    

  • Don Smith Learning Academy
  • 400 E. Burnett Street Beaver Dam, WI 53916
  • Phone: 920-885-7423