Medications at School
Medications at School

Student Medications at School

The Beaver Dam Unified School District Board of Education has student medication policies that are governed by Wisconsin Statute 118.29. All medication including prescription and non-prescription (over-the-counter medicines) are subject to these policies and Medication Administration Practices.

To insure that State Medical, Nursing, Dental and Pharmacology Practice Acts are adhered to, the following procedures shall be followed:

1.  Consent Form: No medication will be administered by school personnel unless and until a Medication Consent form (Spanish Version) is completed. A completed Medication Consent includes written parental authorization to administer medication in school and written instructions from a licensed health care professional for prescription medication. Over-the-counter medication requires written parental authorization only.

All consent forms and related materials must be renewed annually and/or at any time a medication is changed.

2.  Medication Information: Medication to be administered at school must be given from the original and properly labeled container. In the instance of prescription medications a pharmacy-labeled container is required and includes:

a. Students full name
b. Name of drug and dosage
c. Mode of administration
d. Time to be given
e. Date of expiration
f. Physician's name

When over-the-counter medication is to be administered the container must have a manufacturer's label identifying the medication and dosage schedule, and be labeled with the student's name as well.

3.  Responsibility: Authorized school personnel will give medication to the student at the designated time. Normally it is the responsibility of the student, not school personnel, to get his/her medication at the designated time.

4.  Only limited quantities of medication should be kept at school.

Under no circumstances will school personnel administer cough syrup, topical antiseptics, anti-inflammatories, decongestants, analgesics, or other non-prescribed medication to students without meeting the above criteria.

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