Educational Options
Educational Options

Educational options in the Beaver Dam Unified School District are Beaver Dam High School, Beaver Dam Middle School, Don Smith Learning Academy, Jefferson Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School, Prairie View Elementary School, South Beaver Dam Elementary School, Washington Elementary School, and Wilson Elementary School.

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The Board of Education of the Beaver Dam Unified School district recognizes the need to provide alternative means by which students achieve the goals of the District.

An optional plan to meet the recognized educational needs of a student shall be approved by the District Administrator. The District Administrator shall prepare a plan of educational options for use in meeting special needs.

Such options shall be consistent with Wisconsin State Statutes Chapter 118 and may include, but not be limited to, tutorial programs, independent study, correspondence courses, work-study or school work training programs, high school equivalency programs, technical college programs, summer school, early college entrance, etc.

Credit may be granted to the student upon complete evaluation of the program.

The credit shall be placed on the student's transcript. The amount of credit counting toward graduation shall comply with the graduation requirements of the State and the District.

The District Administrator shall establish administrative guidelines where each educational option is properly analyzed, planned, and implemented and complies with all applicable requirements of the State.

A list of all educational options available to students who reside in the District shall be provided to all parents on an annual basis. Such notice shall be published as a class 1 notice, pursuant to State law requirements, and the Board shall post on its website a description of all educational options available to students no later than January 31st each year.

115.385(4), 118.15, 118.55, 118.57 Wis. Stats.

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