Beaver Fitness Fever
Beaver Fitness Fever

Want to get out for a walk, run or bike ride? Have we got some routes for you!

Walk! Run! Bike!

Beaver Dam

This publication is the result of a collaborative effort of members of the Leadership Beaver Dam Class of 2012.

Increasing the level of physical activity in adults and children is a state and national objective. The National Institutes of Health report that more than one-half of American adults are overweight. Since 1980, the national percentage of overweight young people has doubled - considered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to be an “epidemic of obesity.”

Adequate physical activity is essential to good health and is considered to be a protective factor against conditions such as heart disease and cancer. While physical activity of any kind is beneficial, walking is one form that people of all ages can perform and enjoy.

We hope the “Run, Walk, Ride” publication makes walking, running and biking a more enjoyable experience.


Phil Fritsche

Executive Director

Beaver Dam Chamber of Commerce

Walk! Run! Bike! Beaver Dam
Be it for walking, jogging or riding; leisure or workout; around town or around the lake; with the family or out on your own - we have a route for you! Just click here for maps!

"If It's Good for Your Body,

It's Good for Your Brain!!"

Bustin' Out My Beaver Fitness Fever

Meet Marcus and A.J. - Your Hosts For Beaver Fitness Fever Brain Breaks!

You Can Check Them Out Here

Pick Your Video - Then Get Off Your Seat, Get On Your Feet

And Follow Along!!!!

What’s a Brain Break?

According to Action for Healthy Kids “using physical activity challenges in the classroom helps children be ready to learn and remember information better. Physical movement increases blood flow bringing more oxygen to the brain and leads to improved concentration. Brain breaks can be used to energize a group after lunch or relax and calm a class before a test, after lunch or at the end of the day. Brain Breaks help you to cross the mid-line of your body which helps both sides of your brain engage. Breaks can help students stretch, develop flexibility, improve coordination, and gain focus for the next lesson. The idea is to provide some moderate activity that gets the blood pumping so form and skill are not the focus of activity breaks.” It is suggested that students take a Brain Break every 30 minutes in class, but they are great for adults to use throughout the course of their work day, or for families to do anytime!  Bust out your Beaver Fitness Fever!!!!!!





Good For Your Body, Good For Your Brain





What are your Middle School & High School Students

Eating After School?

Our BDMS and BDHS students are busy people spreading out after school to work, athletics or activities practices and meetings, or heading to the library or home to do homework.  But most of them are fueling up before they go on whatever they can get out of the vending machines located in our schools!

NOT Good for your Body or your Brain!!!!





Some Healthier Grab and Go Snacks to keep on-hand at home for kids to pack for after school fuel before practices or work, or for munching at home after a long day of learning:

Quick Sandwiches:  Peanut Butter/Jelly or Peanut Butter/Honey/Banana or Cheese on Whole Wheat/Beagles

String Cheese, Cheese & Crackers, Peanut Butter & Ritz Crackers, Carrots/Celery & Ranch Dip

Bananas, Pears, Apples, or Apple Sauce

GORP = "Good Old Raisins and Peanuts" (mix in some Chocolate Chips and Pretzels for Trail Mix)

Yogurt & Granola with Fresh or Frozen Fruit

Fuel Up Right to Play, Work and Learn





Beaver Fitness Fever Supporting the Skateboard/BMX Park

If you see Donation Jars for the Skateboard/BMX Park Fund Raiser around town at various Business Locations - PLEASE GIVE!! 

All that spare change adds up!!!!






BFF Wellness

Live the Fever....Top 10 Things to Remember as we Go Into the Holidays!!


1.  Spend 1-Hour EVERYDAY MOVING

2.  Stock Up on FRUITS and VEGGIES

3.  Be a GOOD Role Model

4.  Cut Sugary Beverages, Drink WATER Instead

5.  LIMIT Screen Time


7.  Get 8-HOURS of Sleep Each Night

8.  Drink 3 Glasses of MILK a Day

9.  COVER Your Coughs

10.  WASH Your Hands



Why Kids Need Physical Activity

Good for the Body

Even Better for Learning!

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