General School Safety Information
General School Safety Information

Commonly Asked Safety Questions

Are outside doors locked at all Beaver Dam Schools?
The outside doors to our schools are locked during the school day.  Visitors must buzz to get in, identify themselves, and explain why they are visiting the school.  When visiting any Beaver Dam School, all visitors are required to sign in at the main office and receive a visitor’s pass.  If you encounter a door that is open during the school day, please help us by notifying the principal or call the district central office at 920.885.7300.

Do Beaver Dam schools have video surveillance systems?
All schools have video surveillance.

Does the Beaver Dam School District have a comprehensive emergency response/crisis plan?
In 2011, the Beaver Dam School District partnered with seven other county school districts, the Dodge County Sheriffs Department, Dodge County SWAT team, and other county first responders to write and adopt a Federally approved emergency response plan.  The plan articulates building and event specific protocols.  Our consortium participates in mock emergency tabletop exercises.  The most recent exercise was conducted at the Dodge County Sheriff’s Department in October of 2012.  The Beaver Dam Police Department ran an active shooter drill in one of our district schools in 2008 and again in 2014.  For safety reasons we will not identify which school.  Our emergency plan was again updated in 2014 in consultation with the Beaver Dam Police Department and is now reviewed yearly.

Have employees of the Beaver Dam School District received training in emergency response protocols and procedures?
The district’s safety coordinator has accumulated over 100 hours of local, state, and Federal emergency response and planning training.  All district administrators have taken and passed two online courses specializing in initial action incident training through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Emergency Management Institute.  All district administrators received 24 hours of emergency management training in July and August of 2012 through Wisconsin Emergency Management.

Do Beaver Dam Schools have lock down protocols and do the schools drill them?
All schools have an articulated lock down procedure that are drilled  a minimum of once a year.  

Do Beaver Dam Schools have Police Liaison Officers?
The Beaver Dam School District has two full-time police liaison officers.  Beaver Dam High School has one full-time police liaison officer that is an employee of the Beaver Dam Police Department (BDPD).  The middle school and elementary schools share the other police liaison officer who is also an employee of the BDPD and funded by the Beaver Dam School District.

Do Beaver Dam Schools have evacuation plans?
All Beaver Dam Schools have a short and long distance evacuation plan with evacuation locations identified and agreements in place with each location. Evacuation procedures are drilled a minimum of once a year at each school.

Where can I get more information about the Beaver Dam School evacuation/lockdown plans?
For security purposes, the District will not share its emergency response plans with anyone other than staff, first responders, and the school safety consultants we retain.  If you would like to discuss this topic in more detail, please contact Superintendent of Schools, Steve Vessey at 920.885.7300 or

Are the School District’s emergency plans updated and, if so, how frequently?
The District reviews and updates its plan periodically as necessary.  The district takes available information from other sources as it becomes available to ensure that we are implementing best practices.  District plans were last reviewed and updated during the summer of 2015.

Are there future plans to increase or evaluate safety and security issues in the Beaver Dam School District?
The district completed a comprehensive safety audit in 2014.  The audit recommended a four phase upgrade implementation calendar.  With final cameras and door security measures taking place the first part of 2016, three of the four phases will be complete.  The fourth phase involves remodeling all school entrances, the district is currently developing construction plans and exploring funding options.


Updated December 3, 2015

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